Play with fishes on Underwater Sub scooter, Mauritius

I was thrilled at the thought of going through underwater sub scooter. It was really fascinating. Not knowing swimming, I was a bit afraid but yet was re assuring myself due to trustworthy authorities in Blue – Safari.

In a sub scooter drive, the scooter has a cabin with oxygen cylinder fitted. Water covers you till […]

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Himalayas revive me- Dr. Rekha, Columbia Asia Hosp.

Life of a doctor is always stressful and hectic. With patients and diseases preoccupying most of their time, it is important to take breaks and get away from the ‘negativity’ once in a while. My husband is a Doctor and he sometimes tells me how much he craves to trek up Himalayas and just be […]

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Top 5 Rock Climbing Places in India…article by Shahid Ali

Rock climbing has been on rise in terms of popularity over the past couple of years. The opportunity to go on an off-track travel adventure and the very nature of the sport which brings you closer to nature’s poetic beauty has made it a popular choice amongst youngsters. And, India being a vast country with […]

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