Best Western Country Club resort, Gurgaon- India

Best Western Country club resort is located near Gurgaon-Manesar, beyond the 2nd toll of Gurgaon, near Panch gaon crossing. We started early morning from Delhi by car and reached there in less than two hours.

This resort is a picnic spot in itself with multiple gardens, activities like cricket, volley ball, walking chess, badminton and what not! Resort has two swimming pools and two restaurants. It has well equipped sophisticated rooms with great landscape and garden views. My kid was really happy to enter the property. He could run around in lawns and enjoy the swings. Since we had gone in February, it was a nice weather.

Best Western Country Club Rosort is well suited for all ages staring from the toddler till elderly. Major attractions are pond having ducks with little beautiful bridge, little zoo and acquarium. There are camel and horse rides. My little one was running around with joy at the sight of these.


Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort- Gurgaon- India

Tarudhan valley golf resort is one of its kind. Situated near Tauru village, it is a beauty in its own. Good thing was that we reached there in just 1.5 to maximum 2 hours from Delhi.You have to take a left from the crossing near ‘Panch Gaon’. You will first see ‘Best Western Country Club Resort’, some 18 kms ahead, Tarudhan Valley Golf resorts presents itself. It will take around 35 mins to reach. […]

Taj Mahal, Agra-India

Agra a synonym for Taj….! 
Taj ……. Eternal symbol of love !

We went there with our family friends on Republic Day, last year. Although I had visited Taj many times, this time I wanted to show it to my kids for the first time. They were very excited. We started at 9 am from Delhi. The Noida express way we took was fast and comfortable. We zipped through the way, stopped for sometime to freshen up, reached Agra by lunch time.This time we stayed at ‘The Gateway’ hotel in the vicinity of Taj. Well , it was because my husband and his friend insisted to stay in a hotel having view of Taj from the room itself. Kids as you know, always get excited outside their own house. But that was a good way to register Taj in their memory forever. They were able to spot Taj from our hotel room window. […]

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