Review- Malaysian Airlines from Delhi to Kuala Lumpur

I travelled for the first time in Malaysian Airlines in May, 2016 while I was going from Delhi to Bali. I had to change flight at Kuala Lumpur.

Experience of Malaysian Airlines
As I waited for the boarding to start, everything seemed to be perfect and on time. I was supposed to travel in economy class but […]

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Review- Air Mauritius from Delhi to Mauritius

Air Mauritius serves many routes from Delhi like to Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Reunion and more. Journey form India to Mauritius is around 7 hours.
I have travelled through Air Mauritius four times. First time I travelled 10 years ago and have a faded but good memory of Air Mauritius. It was a fantastic experience then. […]

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Have you ever tried Uttapam with Chole?

When I used to work with American Express, there used to be a tradition of pot luck lunch when everyone would bring their cuisine speciality food item and it would be shared across the team. My team used to be big and its members were from various parts of India. Pot luck lunches used to […]

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