The name kitchen 95 is intriguing! I was curious to experience the food at the restaurant. We had dinner and breakfast both at Kitchen 95,  Hyatt Regency. The ambiance was great! It was a huge restaurant serving multi-cuisine.

Kitchen 95

Kitchen 95

Ambiance of Kitchen 95

The restaurant was shining bright in combination with the floor, furniture and walls. First section of the restaurant was dedicated to deserts on both on the left and right side of the restaurant. Following the dessert counter was a live kitchen dedicated to Oriental cuisine and one could get a preparation done for pasta or anything at the live kitchen.  Tables were adequately spaced out so that guests could have their own space.


In the evening, snacks included noodles, roasted paneer, chilli potatoes, nonvegetarian snacks like malai tikka, roasted chicken, pizza both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Kids relished pizza. Special pasta was prepared for them and both of them loved it. Main course had Oriental cuisine and traditional Indian like Dal makhani , shahi paneer , corn palak and more. Dal Makhani and Paneer lababdar were my favourite Punjabi dishes. I was actually waiting to taste them in Punjab. Dal makhani satiated my taste buds totally. It was irresistible! Since long, I hadn’t had Dal Makhani of this flavour, texture and aroma! Simply loved it.

Morning breakfast was also very good. It was lavish spread of dishes. Grand variety of sauces and options to have milk with cornflakes, porridge or oats. There were dry fruits like almonds, raisins, dates.  There was dosa, idli, uttapam along with sambar, poha and cutlets. Mixed fruit juice was really good and I had Chhole Bhature, the main delicacy of Punjab. Each and every item was very nicely prepared and presented.

Desserts had ample variety and were a delight to eyes. I had to choose from various options that was an array of ice creams different sauces like chocolate sauce , caramel sauce, beetroot sauce. It was a wonderful combination to have the sauces with ice cream. I also had a brownie which was delicious.

Efforts of Sous Chef Tikan and his team were clearly visible.  Serving staff provided impeccable service. They were very friendly with kids. Kids enjoyed the service along with the food. They loved the personal attention provided to them.

Overall, great experience! A highly recommended restaurant in Ludhiana.

Nidhi KM