Top five things to consider before zorbing

Zorbing is a great sport. It comes in two variations dry and wet. It’s a lot of fun if done with precautions. I did wet Zorbing at Naukuchiyatal and dry at Haiwa Heavens resort in jaipur. Both were great experiences for me. It’s not difficult to sorb at all. Even kids do it easily. If you have good stamina and energy, you will love this sport. There are few things that one must take care of before enjoying the sport.


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13 tips for safe and enjoyable River Rafting

River rafting is a great sport! Adventure lovers do river rafting for adrenaline rush. River rafting can be conveniently done till grade 3. Post grade 3 it becomes a bit tricky. There are certain rules that everyone needs to follow for river rafting to enjoy it to the maximum while ensuring safety.

I am writing few […]

Top 12 skiing destinations in India

With the onset of winters, different travellers have fun in their own unique way. While some want to shop, others enjoy a snow falling destinations while sipping coffee. I also admire people who want to ski at that time. Although I am an adventure lover but with time and stage of my life, I have […]

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