How Indira Gandhi International Airport welcomed tourists this Diwali!!

What if, travelers to our country get a grand Diwali welcome! Sounds interesting , isn’t it? This Diwali , our Indira Gandhi International Airport welcomed travelers with full fledged Diwali set up. The whole ambiance was glittering with the traditional and contemporary forms of light decorations. Each section was given a meaningful get up. I […]

Did you miss Sound & Light show @ Kesar Kyari Bagh?


I have visited Jaipur many times. Got a chance to see light and sound show at Kesar Kyari Bagh this time in May,2015
Kesar Kyari Bagh has been named after the saffron (Kesar in Hindi) which was grown here during the era of kings. It is a big garden with beautiful design. Once upon a time […]

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Visit City Palace, Jaipur to have peek of Royalty

Our sight seeing trip in Jaipur was organized by hotel- ‘Zone by the Park’. Everything was seamless and meticulously planned considering heat in Jaipur during early May. I was super curious to see City Palace, Jaipur the third time as I wanted to gain more knowledge and appreciate our heritage richness better.

We checked out in […]

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