Never miss Kesar Kyari Bagh n Amer Fort , Jaipur

View of Kesar Kyari Bagh from Amer Fort is beautiful. It is so mesmerizing that one can just stand for hours at the window of Amer Fort and simply gaze the area. I have been to Amer Fort thrice. I am so fascinated by the view that if I go the fourth time, I won’t […]

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Did you miss Sound & Light show @ Kesar Kyari Bagh?


I have visited Jaipur many times. Got a chance to see light and sound show at Kesar Kyari Bagh this time in May,2015
Kesar Kyari Bagh has been named after the saffron (Kesar in Hindi) which was grown here during the era of kings. It is a big garden with beautiful design. Once upon a time […]

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