Underwater World, Sentosa- Singapore…article by Vikrant

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Details of Underwater world, Sentosa

Date opened 1991
Location Sentosa, Singapore
Number of animals 2500
Number of species 250
Website www.underwaterworld.com.sg
Underwater World, also known as Underwater World Singapore Pte Ltd, is an oceanarium located on the offshore Singaporean island of Sentosa. The oceanarium is mostly underground. The Underwater World’s ticket includes admission to the Dolphin […]

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Marine Interpretation Center , Port Blair, article by Neelam


Marine Interpretation Center at Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is a small museum on marine lives. There are only two Marine Interpretation Centers in India. The other one is in Tamil Nadu near Rameshwaram.

This center provides information of various species of Marine life. Colourful panels and displays augment the understanding of species which a normal visitor is not able to see in a day’s time.

This place is a must visit as it adds to knowledge of Marine Life. Students, scientists and researchers can definitely benefit from this museum.









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Fascinating corals- nature’s miracle under water at Port Blair


As I started my expedition for Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, its scenery had already kept me hypnotized. But, at the view of corals, I was almost stunned.
Corals are marine animals that do not have a vertebral column. They live in compact colonies of many identical individuals.Corals secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton.
All the time I wondered how God creates as well as tracks the life he creates outside water and under water!!! Although I had seen corals in Mauritius as well, but they were not shown with such an interest as in Port Blair. The glass bottom boat experience was much better in Port Blair than in Mauritius. As the boat staff saw corals, they would slow down the boat and dive in the water to show us for few seconds. Then put it into the water again. Corals that we saw were so fascinating that I kept on clicking them. Showing some of them to you as well.



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