Sangeeta S Bahl, the lady with rock solid determination, truly an inspiration this Women’s Day!!

This Women’s Day I would love to talk about The Lady with rock solid determination! The one who has inspired lakhs of Indian women! The one who keeps going towards her goal, come what may! The soul that proves – God helps those who help themselves! Yes, I am talking about Sangeeta S Bahl, 53 […]

Let your strength make you unstoppable- Sangeeta S Bahl

I am always fascinated with Mount Everest. When I had gone to Nepal, got to see Mount Everest through Mountain flight. So, my trip brought me close to the highest peak of the world. Soon after that a  TV serial named ‘Everest’ started. I used to regularly follow it. I never missed an episode of […]

Unforgettable experience of Mountain flight in Nepal


Mountain flight in Nepal is once in a lifetime experience.I never imagined in my wildest of dreams that one day , I would be able to see Mount Everest from my own eyes , right there in front of me. My husband had always wished to see it , and he convinced me to book […]