Avalanche Lake , Ooty a must visit…article by Vikrant

Avalanche lake in Ooty is a must visit, dont miss it and many more such remarks I had heard about Avalanche Lake. While I was in Ooty, I was curious to know the history behind this name. Wikipedia told me it has derived this name from a huge landslide in 1800s. Anyhow curious about the […]

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Are these views worth seeing in Ooty?…check it out

Ooty as you know, a beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu has stunning views with gorgeous landscapes.
Well, as I had a big vacation planned for South India, I had reserved ample time to stay in Ooty. Nonetheless when I entered Sterling Resort in Ooty, I knew it was a beautiful decision to stay .

Whole resort […]

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Fascinating Tribal museum, Ooty- Tamil Nadu

Tribal Museum houses artifacts and photographs of tribes of Tamil Nadu and Andaman Nicobar Islands. There are many tribe’s tools, clothing, lifestyle depicted in the museum. Kattunayakan is a scheduled tribe in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Kattunayakan means the King of Jungle. This tribe is completely dependent on forest produce like Money, […]

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