Rock Caves Khambhalida – Buddhist caves

After settling in hotel Heritage Khirasara Palace, we had to rush through 70 kms to reach Buddhist caves  Khambhalida in Rajkot.

As we reached through lush green rocky area, we were delighted to feel freshness of the area.

Finally after a long drive, we reached our destination. Entering through the gate and getting downstairs did I realize […]

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Garba in Gujarat during Navaratri a must witness!!

During Navaratri, country is in total festive mood. Festive mood in Gujarat has its own aura altogether. While most of North India is busy fasting and worshipping Godess Durga, Kolkata worships Maa Kali. What happens in Gujarat is altogether different! It hosts world’s biggest dance festival. I had made a wish last year to attend […]

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