Couldn’t get enough of enthralling Rhine Falls in Switzerland

Since the time we were in Switzerland, we kept doing one or the other gripping sightseeing destinations. Even views of the countryside and important towns were such that we were totally hooked to the window of our bus all the time. We visited Rhine Falls in Zurich, Switzerland.

Rhine Falls is the largest water falls of […]

Five must experience waterfalls of India that would refresh you

India is a beautiful country bestowed with mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, seas, desserts, forests and more! Every time I visit any part of India, I always feel the insufficiency of time. I am a nature lover. So, wherever we see a spring or a little fall, we stop by to experience the same. These little […]

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Nature’s Devi’s falls, Pokhara- Nepal


Devi’s falls in Pokhara is a little waterfall in Kaski district.
This waterfall gets water from dam of Phewa lake. It is interesting to know that this is an underground waterfall. In Nepali, it is also called Patale Chango which means underground falls. The water passes through the natural tunnel. This water passes through the Gupteshwar […]