How Indira Gandhi International Airport welcomed tourists this Diwali!!

What if, travelers to our country get a grand Diwali welcome! Sounds interesting , isn’t it? This Diwali , our Indira Gandhi International Airport welcomed travelers with full fledged Diwali set up. The whole ambiance was glittering with the traditional and contemporary forms of light decorations. Each section was given a meaningful get up. I […]

School trip to Chandigarh- Article by Master Daksh Malhotra

Our school had planned a trip to Chandigarh. My friends and I decided to go to the trip. We started to plan for the trip and were super excited about it.
On the day of departure, we went to the Delhi railway station , early morning and clicked many photos of views from window of the […]

Scenic views on the way from Austria to Italy

In this post, I am posting only the beautiful views on the way from Austria to Italy. Austria is a great country to be at for its natural beauty. I have also heard a lot about the beauty of Italy. We wnet to Italy by bus from Austria and enjoyed every view on the way.

Putting […]