Five must experience waterfalls of India that would refresh you

India is a beautiful country bestowed with mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, seas, desserts, forests and more! Every time I visit any part of India, I always feel the insufficiency of time. I am a nature lover. So, wherever we see a spring or a little fall, we stop by to experience the same. These little […]

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Why is Tsomgo lake so famous?

Tsomgo lake is so popular in the world.  I had heard alot about itand hence was curious to personally visit the lakje to know reasons of its popularity. While we were on our way to Nathula Pass, Tsomgo Lake was on the way.

Being at the height of more than 12,313 ft, we were well equipped […]

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Avalanche Lake , Ooty a must visit…article by Vikrant

Avalanche lake in Ooty is a must visit, dont miss it and many more such remarks I had heard about Avalanche Lake. While I was in Ooty, I was curious to know the history behind this name. Wikipedia told me it has derived this name from a huge landslide in 1800s. Anyhow curious about the […]

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