Best beaches around Sydney…by Kate the great

The worldwide famous metropolis of Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, but many people still think that it’s the capital of the whole sunny continent, Australia. It’s the favourite place of many travellers and backpackers and not only because of it’s magnitude, sky-kissing skyscrapers and the iconic landmark, Opera House, but also because […]

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Six Reasons to Visit Slovenia, a Gem of Europe

This guest post is written by Frank Lee, he works at Rebateszone
Slovenia is a mountainous republic in central Europe which used to be a part of Yugoslavia before 1991. The country has been blessed with some of the most exquisite views on the planet by nature, however, it is still a relatively unknown country for […]

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Himalayas revive me- Dr. Rekha, Columbia Asia Hosp.

Life of a doctor is always stressful and hectic. With patients and diseases preoccupying most of their time, it is important to take breaks and get away from the ‘negativity’ once in a while. My husband is a Doctor and he sometimes tells me how much he craves to trek up Himalayas and just be […]

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