Getting prepared for a beginner ski holiday

I am always fascinated by ski. Now that my kids are entering the adventurous or curious age, they want to ski. So, we decided to take them skiing. Little I knew that skiing requires preparation. To seasoned skiers, this statement may look foolish. I just thought to explore about skiing online when I observed that […]

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Top 12 skiing destinations in India

With the onset of winters, different travellers have fun in their own unique way. While some want to shop, others enjoy a snow falling destinations while sipping coffee. I also admire people who want to ski at that time. Although I am an adventure lover but with time and stage of my life, I have […]

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My speed boat to Le Morne Rock, Mauritius

When I had visited Mauritius last time, I saw Le Morne Rock a number of times. I had known about its story that how slaves got terrified from the police that they jumped from the rock out of fear. Whereas the police had gone there to inform them about the abolishment of slavery. At that […]

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