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Top 7 fascinating facts of Hawaii

Hawaii as the name suggests to me , its a beautiful destination with pristine waters splashing on rick bottoms and secluded from the world, beautiful landscapes and many natural wonders!  I used to hear alot about Hawaii at American Express New York office during my visits to US. So, I always wished to visit Hawaii, once […]

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Three treasured islands of Thailand

This article is by Nitin Pratap. Photo credits – Nitin Pratap


There are innumerable Islands in Thailand. Every time you visit Thailand, you would get to see a new island. Continue exploring for few months, you would still be left with another one to see. 

Here we have chalked out the best 3 of them- Phuket, Koh Lanta, […]

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Top 11 things to do in Greenland

land is a fascinating country that has been gifted nature’s most wonderful things. I have always been curious about Greenland as a student and even today. Although I have not visited Greenland yet but I am trying to do listing of things that I am going to do once I am there. Since I am […]

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