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Bold n beautiful The Taj Mahal getting repaired

This time I was there to see The Taj Mahal for the fourth time I guess. I had fond memories of The Taj Mahal. As part of IRCTC FAM trip. This time we reached The Taj around 3 pm. As we moved across the gate , lush green gardens welcomed us.

The whole area was full […]

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A visit to Eastern Group of temples, Khajuraho

Eastern group of Temples in Khajuraho are very different from Western group of temples. Unlike Western group of temples, Eastern group of temples reflect Jainism. Parsvanath. temple is the largest and best preserved temples of Khajuraho. There are not many temples in Eastern group.

It will not take more than an hour to visit the whole […]

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What I saw in Western group Temples Khajuraho!

Since my schooling days, I had read about Khajuraho temples. There have been ample T.V. shows focussing on Khajuraho temples. I had been always wanting to visit Khajuraho at least once in my life but it being in plains and having on inclination towards plains , never went to see Khajuraho. But in December when […]

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