Mission- Everest Summit by Sangeeta S Bahl

When I last interacted with Sangeeta S Bahl, she was very enthusiastic for Everest summit. She was able to reach the last camp. Then I read the news, that she was evacuated from Everest ( Sagarmatha as Nepalese call it). I was glad to know that she was fine. Knowing her do or die attitude, […]

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Let your strength make you unstoppable- Sangeeta S Bahl

I am always fascinated with Mount Everest. When I had gone to Nepal, got to see Mount Everest through Mountain flight. So, my trip brought me close to the highest peak of the world. Soon after that a  TV serial named ‘Everest’ started. I used to regularly follow it. I never missed an episode of […]

Your food is your cure says Geeta Ramesh, Kairali

I had heard a lot about Kairali The Healing Village. It is famous both in India and abroad for its Ayurvedic Treatment and Products. People from world over come here for wellness/fitness programs. I was really curious to meet with the brains behind Kairali. Luckily I got an opportunity to meet with them at Kairali […]