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Hotel Review- Hotel Country Villa, Nagarkot – Nepal


As a part of our travel plans, we had two days stay at Hotel Country Villa in Nagarkot. Nagarkot is a village , located 32 kms east of Kathmandu, Nepal in Bhaktapur district in Bagmati Zone. It is approx 28 kms from Kathmandu International airport.
At a height of 2195 meters , it is considered one of the most scenic spots and a famous hill station in Nepal , renowned for its spectacular sunrise and sunset views.
We could not afford to miss out on Nagarkot. We started off from our hotel in Pokhara in the morning by 8 AM so that we don’t miss out on sunset in Nagarkot.

Hotel Country Villa truly boasted of outstanding views of sunrise from the room itself. We checked into our hotel and convinced the manager to give us a room with good view on second floor (Higher the floor,better the view).
Hotel Country Villa is a  3 star property located atop a hillock in Nagarkot. Most of the hotels do not have lifts , still revellers who are staying should go in for a room on a higher floor for a good view.

Hotel review- Hotel Manang, Kathmandu- Nepal


As a part of our pre travel plans, we had only a day’s stay in Kathmandu. We planned to stay at Hotel Manang in Thamel.
Ambience at hotel Manang
It’s a 3 star property located in heart of Thamel. The entrance,reception,bar and restaurant had decent ambiance.The room we were staying was at third floor. However , the […]

Divine sunrise at Sarangkot, Nepal



Sarangkot is a small sleepy village and a hill station in Gandaki Zone , located approx 5 kms from lakeside , Pokhara. At a height of 1592 meters , it is considered one of the most scenic spots in Pokhara , renowned for its spectacular sunrise in the backdrop of Annapurna range of Great Himalyas. […]

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