Travel experiences of beaches across the world

Snorkeling @ Kelor Island perfect for beginners

Snorkeling @ Kelor Island is indeed perfect for beginners. I have come across snorkeling opportunities many times but have never experienced it intentionally as I had been too scared to put my face in the ocean  with the snorkeling apparatus without knowing swimming.

But this time I was enjoying the speed boat and when it stopped […]

Sunset @ Flores Island Indonesia

I have seen many memorable and picturesque sunsets in my sojourn as a traveler . Each Sunset has its own beauty. The sunset I saw at Flores Island is mesmerizing specially since it happens by the sea. We had gone to Paradise Restaurant and Bar to witness this mind blowing sunset @ Flores Island. I […]

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Play with fishes on Underwater Sub scooter, Mauritius

I was thrilled at the thought of going through underwater sub scooter. It was really fascinating. Not knowing swimming, I was a bit afraid but yet was re assuring myself due to trustworthy authorities in Blue – Safari.

In a sub scooter drive, the scooter has a cabin with oxygen cylinder fitted. Water covers you till […]

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