Mauritius is one destination that bags the second place on earth to have the most fresh air in the world. The cool breeze, fresh air, greenery and most attractive- sea and beaches together make Mauritius a phenomenal destination. Although there is an endless list, but I am listing down 10 things to do in Mauritius. Peter Both Mountain in Mauritius

Peter Both Mountain in Mauritius

When I landed at the airport, airport has got a design on the theme of a bird. Roads are very neat and clean. Very well organized city in terms of routes. Greenery by the side and beaches along create a scenic and refreshing drive. Beach side on the way

Beach side on the way

Top 10 things to do in Mauritius

1. Under water Sea Walk  A mindblowing experience under water sea walk. You have to experience it to enjoy this once in a lifetime. One gets to play with fishes. Underwater walk is a distinctive in nature. You would be worn oxygenated helmets which are heavy when you wear them but have to simply immerse in water as soon as it is on your shoulders. Good sign language is used by instructors as no one can hear underwater. So, one must carefully listen and understand instructions. Dont worry at all if you dont know swimming. You get to wear life jackets plus there are two three instructions under sea. You actually get to walk on the sea bed which is not so deep. On the way to Underwater Sea Walk

On the way to Underwater Sea Walk

2. Under water sub scooter is another exhilarating experience. Its like a scooter submarine that sails under water and one can enjoy under sea life. Its all the more thrilling experience as you get to move through certain safe areas of undersea and observe corals underneath , fishes and drive under sea. It is perfectly safe as all sub scooters are tied to the mother boat and continuous oxygen supply is there in the scooter cabin. 

Underwater sub scooter Photo credits -

Underwater sub scooter Photo credits –

3. Zip Line at La Valle Park is a thrilling experience as well. It is the third longest in the world and of 4 minutes duration. The view from the line is spellbinding. Again, it ius very safe as you have people on tge way to rescue in case. The line is checked twice a day.

4. Speed boat to crystal rock and further to Le Morne Mountain is enthralling. Views, water, speed of boat and rainbow make your ride memorable. On the way to Le Morne rock, one of 10 things to do in Mauritius

On the way to Le Morne rock, one of 10 things to do in Mauritius

5. Sea Kart an invincible boast type with excellent maneuvers and electrifyog experience s

6. Casela world of adventures is a themed park with distinctive experiences at each section it has. You get to interact with world’s beasts and create your memories of lifetime. Interaction with Lions

Interaction with Lions

7. Caudan waterfront is a shopping area where you will find malls, road side vendors, street markets, small shops, branded showrooms, restaurants, cafe and more. A must visit place.

8. La Vanille Crocodile Park is a place of mystery where you will find variety of butterflies, insects, crocodiles, whale skeletons, tortoise and many more incredible animals. You have to visit to experience. Shells


9. Visit one of the colonial houses like Chateau Labourdonnais
spread across acres of land and royally made with exortic furniture and dresses and more Staircase


10. Chamarel waterfall Chamarel Waterfall

Chamarel Waterfall

There are many more sightseeing options like SucreL’Aventure du Sucre , Chateau Labourdonnais , Curious Corner , Saint Aubin House, Chateau Labourdonnais
and more. But the above 10 things to do in Mauritius are never to be missed .

Nidhi KM