The worldwide famous metropolis of Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, but many people still think that it’s the capital of the whole sunny continent, Australia. It’s the favourite place of many travellers and backpackers and not only because of it’s magnitude, sky-kissing skyscrapers and the iconic landmark, Opera House, but also because of it’s finest and quixotic sandy beaches. So let me introduce you to the four most famous and glorious beaches of Down Under

All-known magnificent Bondi Beach

Sydney’s most famous stretch of sand with it’s incredible view of the vast Pacific Ocean is beloved Bondi Beach. It attracts locals and tourists daily at any time of the year with it’s admirable views, choppy waves and cute little town. Bondi Beach should be the first beach that you visit in Sydney. It will overwhelm you with it’s magnitude and it’s turquoise palette of colours. The beach is also known for it’s peoples’ obsession for perfect bodies.


Bondi Beach

After enjoying a cup of delicious coffee on a lazy morning, you can go and catch some waves in the vast salty water. The current is pretty strong and can drag you towards the rocks, that’s why you should be careful. But there are lifeguards, who patrol along the beach and make sure that everyone is safe from waves and sharks.


Bondi Beach 2

If you prefer to submerge into safe waters, then you will have a great opportunity to swim in the great Iceberg’s swimming pool just next to the ocean. This place offers you a splendid view, good cocktails and calm water in the pools for a reasonable price. As a tourist visiting Sydney just once, you should definitely experience the Iceberg pool.

How about Tamarama beach?

There is a spectacular 6 kilometre coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee. While doing the walk you will experience parks, cliffs, amazing views, paradisal bays and other iconic beaches. The first one that you may discover will be a small beach oasis caught between high cliffs. With 80 metres of shoreline and an incredible, sandy beach, it has fantastic surfing conditions. But again you should be careful with the strong current, it’s still the water of a powerful ocean.


Tamarama beach

Tamarama has been crowned as “Glamarama” since the 1980s because this is a beach where beautiful locals with bronzed bodies prefer to hang out. No wonder, while it’s extremely busy at Bondi, it’s usually quiet and relaxing at Tamarama. So it’s an ideal choice if you would like to avoid being overrun by the crowd and would like to have a tasty barbecue under the sun.

Discover scenic Bronte Beach

After following the coastal line and maybe having a short rest on the benches enjoying the great view, you will reach one of my personal favourite beaches in Sydney, Bronte Beach. It’s an epitome for beach lovers, because it offers everything that you could only dream off: Fine sand, natural champagne pools, which are surrounded by rocks, the man-made pool if you are afraid of rough waters or surf in the salty waters of the ocean.

There are plenty of possibilities to have a perfect getaway. You can bring your favourite sausages and grill it on the self-operated free BBQ. If you are not in a cooking mood, then you can enjoy nice food and great refreshments in one of the restaurants. Just visit this place and you will doubtlessly fall in love with that beach, just like me!

Sydney’s hidden treasure, Manly Beach

There is another terrific beach in Sydney’s surroundings, one that you can reach by ferry from Circular Quay near Harbour Bridge. The price of a ticket is around 15$ including both ways but you can also take the ferry on Sunday, when all public transport is free in Sydney.


Manly Beach

Manly Beach is located between a beautiful and calm harbour beach and the Pacific Ocean surf beach. It’s the opposite of Sydney’s inner city beaches, which are busy and loud. Manly beach is filled with a laid-back and tranquil atmosphere. It’s an ideal place to escape the chaotic city life.


Manly Beach 2

The vast waters of this magic place offers a great spot to learn surfing or just to enjoy snorkelling or diving. The 1,5 kilometre-long golden beach provides it’s visitors with plenty of bush-walks, some historical sites and bike-riding paths along the coastline. Immerse into a relaxing atmosphere and explore Sydney’s famous sandy treasure!

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