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Dibru Saikhowa National Park, Assam

Last time when I visited Assam, my trip was only limited to Kaziranga due to time constraints. These days as I am working on a project on Dibru Saikhowa National Park. As I see unparalleled photographs of birds and animals there, I am so fascinated to visit the place. Thought to write an article on […]

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10 Natural fascinating facts about Croatia

Have you ever thought of visiting Croatia? Well, I am planning to visit Croatia as I am fascinated by its name and the whole Place. These days I have begun to research about various different places or countries on earth and explore their facts that interest and are of natural kind. I being a nature lover record such points and want to bring them to you all. So,here you go!

Ten fascinating facts about Croatia
1.Croatia is not a big country. It is 127th largest country of the world. So, it’s even easy to cover it in less time as compared to other destinations.

2.Zlatnirat beach changes its colour and shape depending on the wind. How curious I am to witness it live. Want to know what impact it has on the habitation there.

3.Last specimen of Mediterranean Seal lives in Croatian waters

4.Highest mountain – Dinara peak is 1831 meters high

5. 1/3rd of the country is covered with forest. There are 11 nature parks, 8 National Parks and 2 Natural reserves.

6. It has 1200 islands

7. The island of Biševo has only 13 residents

8. Croatian men are 7th tallest on the planet.

9. Lukina Cave is the 8th deepest cave in the world. It is 1392 meters deep.

10. Largest island is Krk which is 405 sq km

Apart from these natural wonders to experience, one can go for luxury shopping, fashion, cultural performances, movies and much more excitement! Croatia has lots to offer .

Let us know about your experience once you visit!

Nidhi KM

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Top 7 fascinating facts of Hawaii

Hawaii as the name suggests to me , its a beautiful destination with pristine waters splashing on rick bottoms and secluded from the world, beautiful landscapes and many natural wonders!  I used to hear alot about Hawaii at American Express New York office during my visits to US. Although I visited NY atleast four times and […]

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