Viharin.com- Cottage at Tiger Camp resort

Cottage at Tiger Camp Resort

Viharin.com- Balcony of cottage

Balcony of cottage

Tiger Camp Resort is located on the main highway in Jim Corbett National Park. It is almost 12 kms away from the entrance to the park.

We went on a short trip to visit Jim Corbett National Park. To ensure minimum travel time, we started at 4am from Delhi. After a road journey of 7 hours by car from Delhi we reached our resort by noon and checked in.

Viharin.com- Eco friendly

Eco friendly

Ambiance at Tiger Camp Resort

As we entered the resort at noon , sprawling lawns with bamboo shoots covering the walking area welcomed us. Tiger Camp Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Jim Corbett offering a unique feature of its peaceful and serene atmosphere with proximity to the banks of Kosi river. It was this fact for which we booked our rooms in this resort when we visited Jim Corbett.

As we reached our room, monkeys across our window welcomed us. It was scary but wonderful and kids were happy making faces. Room was nicely done and spacious with all amenities. It had a big balcony which had mountain and garden view. Perfect location to treat our eyes.

Viharin.com- Open Air restaurant

Open Air restaurant

Our experience

Viharin.com- Outside restaurant

Outside restaurant

After a delicious lunch in the open lawns with greenery in the backdrop of mountains we went ahead to the banks of Kosi river . We enjoyed walking in the water when my younger one shouted – see there , elephants and there they were , huge elephants carrying revelers and going across Kosi river for an excurtion. Kids were superexited and enjoyed as we told them that we are going on next Elephent safari. We had tea in open area and went ahead with an amazing safari that the staff had conveniently booked for the evening at 4 for us.

Viharin.com- Greenery at Tiger Camp resort

Greenery at Tiger Camp resort

Elephant getting down to cross the river

Elephant getting down to cross the river

Elephant crossing the river

Elephant crossing the river

Elephant saluting with its trunk

Elephant saluting with its trunk

Viharin.com- River by the resort

River by the resort

Kalina took us and Mahout to jungle crossing the river. It was pin drop silence in the jungle and the best part was a natural fear and excitement at the same time in safari. Elephant Safari experience was way different than Jeep and other safaris. We could touch the twigs. Branches of trees were above us. I was able to touch the leaves. But, we had to be careful. It was quiet cold in the forest. Suddenly, we saw a deer grazing right in front of us. It was a beautiful scene. I had a feeling of being part of the forest. I was imagining a Tiger in front of us sitting but it never happened actually. As we went deep in the forest, I got scared but was relieved to see more safaris. After the safari we bid goodbye to Kalina, who was extremely caring towards us.

Viharin.com- Restaurant

Viharin.com- Restaurant

Viharin.com- Buffet table at restaurant

Buffet table at restaurant

It was a tiring day but we got refreshed as we came back and had sumptuous dinner with live music and bonfire. The food was extremely tasty and as we enjoyed the lavish food spread along with bonfire and guitarist. It was a lively evening.

The ambience of Tiger Camp Resort is in unison with quietness and wilderness of the forest. There is absolutely no noise and disturbance and we enjoyed this silence a lot.

There is stuff for kids as well like table tennis, open areas for cricket, badminton etc.

Guitarist at dinner

Guitarist at dinner

Viharin.com- Food


Viharin.com- Table tennis area

Table tennis area

The staff was attentive and courteous. They took special care of the kids and were helpful in organizing tours as well.

I would recommend this place to all visitors of Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Nidhi KM

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