Vast mountains

Vast mountains Resplendent view

Resplendent view

The twin hill of lonavala-khandala has a special place in all Mumbaikars heart as a perfect weekend getaway , away from busy life schedules.

Lonavala and Khandala are almost 5 kms apart , on the western slopes of Sahyadri on Mumbai-Pune highway. Lonavala is about 64 kms from pune and 96 kms from Mumbai.

Both Mumbai pune expressway and Mumbai Chennai highway pass through it.It’s a 3-4 hours drive from Mumbai.

The places are famous for picturesque and breathtaking views and innumerable varities of chikki (sugary hard candy full of groundnut) Lonavala's famous chikki

Lonavala’s famous chikki View from height

View from height

Best time to visit Lonavala Khandala

During monsoons, many little springs and waterfalls flow through mountains creating scenic and spellbinding views. Monsoon is a good time to visit. In summers one won’t get to see these little springs and waterfalls. We saw all dried trees and vegetation in April. In monsoons, it is lush green and grandeur.

But since we had come to Mumbai, there was no reason for us to not to go to Lonavala Khandala.

Our Experience Lake on the way to Lonavala

Lake on the way to Lonavala Rejuvinating scene on the way

Rejuvinating scene on the way

We went in April which was quiet hot so, it was not much pleasant journey being sunny but the scenery was a breather.It was a day’s visit to Lonavala from Mumbai.The drive was very comfortable as we glazed past the highway.As we started , a little lake welcomed us with its serenity. There was a small town surrounding the lake. Trees, water and temple around gave a magnetic view. Cool breeze was passing by. We got down from the car for a while to enjoy that moment of nature.

After that we headed for Lonavala. I had always heard of Lonavala’s beauty. So was really curious to get there. Kids were super anxious too. how captivating mountains can be

How captivating mountains can be Magnificent


Upon reaching Lonavala, a magnificient view was awaiting us. Although it was not lush green, but this view was a beauty in itself…It was now time to standby and just gaze. 

Things to do in Lonavala Khandala

Since we had to cover Lonavala in one day, we selected only few things. There are many things to do there.

1. Rajmachi point approximately 6.5 kms from Lonavala gives a view of Shivaji Fort and surrounding valley

2. Ryewood Park and Shivaji Udyaan has got a big mountain to itself with tall trees and a big garden. Kids can play there.

3. Shivling Darshan was another gripping view Shivling Darshan

Shivling Darshan Spectacular view

Spectacular view of Shivling Stunning view at Lonavala

Stunning view at Lonavala

Look at the mountains. How God can create such eyes smittening wonders is my curiosity in every trip.

4. Valvan and Bushy dams are other places to visit.

5. Lonavala Lake

6. Karla’s caves built by Buddhists

7.Lohagarh Fort, a battle station of Shivaji.

8. Lonavala lake is another point that dries up during winters but has a natural scenery point

Tiger point

9. Tiger’s point is one with mountains having appearance of Tiger claws Duke's nose

Duke’s nose

10. Duke’s nose is visible while going back to Mumbai from Lonavala. This cliff resembles the nose of Duke of Wellington.This place is about 12 kms from lonavala on highway which offers panoramic view of khandala and bhor ghat (ghat- meaning valley in marathi

11. Lohagad Fort was once a battle station of Shivaji

12. Tungarli lake and dam becomes live during monsoon Khandala

Khandala Serene view

Serene view

13. We also saw Khandala. It was a lovely scene again to see Khandala from height. Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

14. Last but not the least, Celebrities wax museum. A museum worth visit at least once. There are statues of celebrities like – Anna Hazare, AR Rehman, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Mahatma Gandhi , our esteemed Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi and many more.

The trip to wax museum was enjoyable.Wax Museum is near Toll Plaza . It is modeled on famous Madame Tussauds in London.

Overall trip was very nice even if it was in off season. I could well imagine why people come rushing to this place of scenic beauty in rainy season when clouds actually touch you. On our way back , we bought famous chikki and relished it’s taste.

It is also a perfect place for trekking and lately adventure sports as well.

How to reach Lonavala

By road 

Lonavala is well connected to Khopoli, Karjat, Talegaon Dhabhade. It is on Mumbai Line highway

By Train

All trains going from Mumbai to Pune or from Pune to Mumbai halt at Lonavala

By Air

Two airports Pune International approx. 64 kms and Mumbai Airport approx. 104 km

Where to stay 

Approximate charges- Fariyas starting – Rs.9,393; Lakeview resort- Rs.2,934; Girivihar -Rs.2,000; Upper deck resort starting Rs.13,922; Lagoona resort-Rs.4,358; 

Where to eat

Cafe 24, Rama Krishna, Creme Della, Yoko Sizzlers and Mc Donalds

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Where to shop

At Lonavala, you won’t get high end things to buy. What you can look for are chikkis, chewda, fudge, jellies and jams.

Did you know?

Lonavala is also home to INS Shivaji (Indian navy premier technical training institute).

Nidhi KM