Vast view

Vast view Standing apart

Standing apart

Visiting or seeing Mount Everest is a  moment of  lifetime. The feeling of being in front of it is beyond words.

I had never dreamt of seeing Mount Everest from my eyes, even in the wildest of my dreams. All of us have actually read about it in the books since childhood. Everyone all over the world knows about it, but actually seeing it was an blissful moment for me.

I felt so lucky to see the charismatic Mount Everest by naked eye. Only ways to see it is either by going to its base or by Mountain flight.  My husband insisted on mountain flight and told me to have an experience of it. Thanks to him!

Well, Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth at the height of 8,848 m above sea level. Located in Mahalangur section of Himalayas, it is also known as Sagarmatha in Nepal and Chomolungma in Tibet. Emperor of Himalayas

Emperor of Himalayas Majestic Mount Everest

Majestic Mount Everest

For a mountaineer , it’s like a lifetime achievement award to conquer it. It’s a  dream for most of the trekkers as they climb or go to foothills of Everest and various other peaks of Himalyas.

After boarding the flight ,  we saw many gigantic Himalyan peaks with some of them absolutely mesmerizing like Gauri-Shankar and Melungtse , I saw the Greatest of them all – The Tallest Peak in the world – Mount Everest at 8848 m.

It stood tall with its two brothers / shoulders – To his left Nuptse (7855 m) and to his right , Lhotse (8516 m). My excitement knew no bounds as I saw these peaks. Lhotse , peak on right

Lhotse , peak on right Nuptse, peak on left

Nuptse, peak on left

I stared at it like an enthralled kid. It was an absolute moment of pride for me since I was able to see it so closely. All of a sudden I realized that I need to take pics. I left no possible angle of the click through my window. View from cockpit

View from cockpit

To our surprise, we were invited in the cockpit to get a better view of Everest. Wow!

I have developed immense respect for all the mountaineers who actually walk down to conquer it, many of whom die while climbing it. They wait for hours and hours for clear weather and face all kinds of extremes like chilling cold, strong winds , slippery terrains , low visibility and above all lack of oxygen above 8000 m to conquer it. See different form of clouds around Mount Everest

See different form of clouds around Mount Everest

All people visiting Nepal must have this experience of Mountain flight.

I dedicate this article to all mountaineers who have died climbing Everest and to those who are still keeping their efforts on despite all odds.

I also dedicate this article to my loved ones who have stood by me in all times of my life.

Important facts

  • Mount Everest is the 5th furthest point from the center of earth. The tallest of all

    The tallest of all

  • Some of ice blocks on Mount Everest are as high as 5 stories
  • There are 18 different climbing routes
  • One has to be 16 if climbing from Nepal and 18 if climbing from China
  • It takes minimum 40 days to climb to Everest ( from the base camp) to be able to adjust to high altitudes
  • Sherpas are the people who help Climbers by carrying tents and cooking food for them at high altitudes
  • Maximum temperature noted is 0degrees celcius and minimum -60 degree celcius

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