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Founder of Viharin is Nidhi K M who is an avid traveller. She has been to U.S.A four times, Mauritius twice, Nepal , Indonesia and many parts of India. After a short stint as a travel blogger, Nidhi has started Viharin.com in November, 2014. In the journey so far, Nidhi has been instrumental in promoting various destinations of the world! With her efforts , Nidhi has taken Viharin.com to one of the top interesting travel blogs of the world. She has been mentioned in DLF City Magazine, recognized as Guest of Honour by Institute of Technology and Science, Ghaziabad and more. Nidhi worked with American Express as a Manager. She has over 11 years of experience in the domain of Marketing Campaign execution for both United States and Indian credit card Customers with expertise in Customer Relationship Management. She has received many rewards and recognitions for exceeding Organizational goals. Nidhi is a travel enthusiast and now she has moved towards her greater dream of setting up a travel based platform which starts with sharing her personal experiences at various places she has travelled. Nidhi is supported by her husband who is a Consultant Radiologist by profession and amateur photographer with special interest in wildlife. After schooling from Bal Bharti Public School, Delhi, Nidhi did Mathematics honours from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University and Masters in Information and Technology from Institute of Technology and Science.

Luwak faeces contain better quality coffee

I didn’t know that an animal faeces can augment the quality of coffee. Can you imagine? I was surprised to know that. This animal Luwak, Asian name of Civet eats coffee cherries. The pulp is digested by Luwak and coffee beans get fermented inside this animal and their properties are enhanced as some enzymes seep […]

Grand Hyatt Bali , a grand destination in itself


We has checked in Grand Hyatt Bali during the evening. That time itself I had got an idea about the magnificence of the property. The property was well lit at night.

Ambiance of Grand Hyatt Bali
There was a huge reception with ponds having fishes. Garden area was around the reception and lobby area.

Property had lavish interiors. […]

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A must visit – Bali Safari Marine Park, Bali, Indonesia

I was curious to experience the wildlife in Bali. I wanted to see how the animals are being kept and how they are enjoying their life in Bali. We left in the morning for Bali Safari Marine Park. It was a lush green area.

We headed for the Tiger show.

There was a performance by two gunmen […]