How to decide an International Destination

Now that you have decided to take a vacation, how do you decide your destination? Some people already have their destinations bucketed and its easy for them to finalize their trip. There are some people whom I have met who just know that they have to go. But, cant’ decide where to go! Well, I […]

What if you loose your group with which you are travelling Internationally!

What if you loose your group internationally? Well, a strange thing happened with me in Brussels. We had snacks at a restaurant and later went to enjoy ice cream at Grand Place Square.

I had to go back to the restaurant to freshen up while my family was enjoying ice cream. As I was confident of […]

Top 5 tips to stay hydrated on the GO!

Does it sound cliched and even redundant when you hear stay hydrated on the GO or have more water when you’re travelling? Then there are a lot of tips and statements going around on how you should have water only when you’re thirsty and your body indicates and lets you know when it needs water. […]