Our excellent experience in Hotel Olympia, one of the Hospitality partners of Winter Olympics @ Austria in 1964 and 1976

After our visit to beautiful Switzerland, we reached Austria. I had heard a lot about the beauty of Austria. The Alps there , are magnificent and hypnotic. We were to stay in Hotel Olympia.

It was a ski resort in the midst of nature.


Ambiance at Hotel Olympia
At the entrance was lobby. To the right of lobby […]

Getting prepared for a beginner ski holiday

I am always fascinated by ski. Now that my kids are entering the adventurous or curious age, they want to ski. So, we decided to take them skiing. Little I knew that skiing requires preparation. To seasoned skiers, this statement may look foolish. I just thought to explore about skiing online when I observed that […]

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Top 12 skiing destinations in India

With the onset of winters, different travellers have fun in their own unique way. While some want to shop, others enjoy a snow falling destinations while sipping coffee. I also admire people who want to ski at that time. Although I am an adventure lover but with time and stage of my life, I have […]

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