Hotel Novotel Suites Paris Velizy, a wonderful stay with family

In Paris, I had not expected a big hotel room, Paris being expensive and short on space. When we reached the Hotel Novotel Suites Paris Velizy, we were surprised! It was a big room. Property was really nice.

Ambiance at Hotel Novotel Suites Paris Velizy
At the entrance was the lobby with dining area. There was space for buffet. […]

Comfortable stay at Hotel Movenpick in Amsterdam

After a beautiful day in Amsterdam, we were to stay at Hotel Movenpick at night.

Ambiance at Hotel Movenpick Amsterdam
I was looking forward to my stay there. Movenpick is a good brand and is a trusted one. The property was exactly what I had expected. At the entrance was lobby and little lounge with bright seating […]

Our excellent experience in Hotel Olympia, one of the Hospitality partners of Winter Olympics @ Austria in 1964 and 1976

After our visit to beautiful Switzerland, we reached Austria. I had heard a lot about the beauty of Austria. The Alps there , are magnificent and hypnotic. We were to stay in Hotel Olympia.

It was a ski resort in the midst of nature.


Ambiance at Hotel Olympia
At the entrance was lobby. To the right of lobby […]