As we had gone to Darjeeling with our kids, zoo was one of the shortlisted sightseeing options for sure with limited time on us. Name of the zoo is Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park. Darjeeling Zoo

Darjeeling Zoo

We had heard that the zoo is really good. So, we started from Cedar Inn at 9.30 and we were at the zoo by 10am. Luckily, we took the upper road for walking so we were happy to see animals straight away. Otherwise, we had met many people who complained about the long walking way which was actually the lower road.

At first we saw the bear. Kids were very happy to see the bear. It had a white thick line on its chest. Bear was roaming around and then relaxed finally. It had a z- black shiny fur. I just wanted to touch it. It appeared very neat and clean. Bear


But of course one cannot touch or feed any of these animals be it in the zoo or in jungle. So be extremely careful. Bear with a thick white line on chest

Bear with a thick white line on chest

Then we moved further to see the wolf. It appeared to me like more of a pamerian dog. But you know, I ask so scared of wolves from childhood. I had always taken wolf as a synonym of ghosts. This day I learnt that dogs belong to the family of wolves only. I could totally relate to it now. Wolf


Next was the turn of one and only Tiger, Panthera Tigris. How much I love tigers, the inspiration of my blogging world. Tiger


Someone told us the Tiger had just got up from a sound sleep. Although I love tigers but am always scared of them be it in a closed cave in Zoo or be in open jungle. I am always praying to God whenever I see a tiger. Tiger's majestic pose

Tiger’s majestic pose

Next was Leopard. The leopard was very restless and was roaming around aggressively. It too had a shiny strong fur. Lovely. Leopard

Leopard Hungry Leopard with beautiful fur

Hungry Leopard with beautiful fur

There was snow leopard that we all saw for the first time. It was a nice experience.  Close up of Snow Leopard

Close up of Snow Leopard close up of Snow Leopard

Close up of Snow Leopard