Viharin.com- The Gateway

The Gateway

Viharin.com- Entrance


Viharin.com- Pickup point

Pickup point

The gateway hotel in Agra is a five star property of the Taj group. A property where one can relax while enjoying the view of Taj Mahal from the room. It’s one of the most popular high end hotels in Agra offering a unique view of the Incredible Taj Mahal from the room itself. It was this fact for which we booked our rooms in this hotel when we visited the Taj.

We went on a short trip on Republic day to visit the Taj. After a swift journey on expressway we reached Agra by noon and checked in. The drive way was good enough. The hotel was totally booked.

Viharin.com- Interiors at Lobby

Interiors at Lobby

Viharin.com- Lobby


Viharin.com- Sit out

Sit out

As we entered, a jazzy lobby welcomed us. Kids were happy to see the hotel. Lobby was glittering with interiors and was spark less clean. Staff was attentive and prompt.

There were separate sections of sit outs for guests in lobby as generally in hotels.

To the right of lobby, there was a easy to arcade.

Viharin.com- Sitting area

Sitting area

Viharin.com- Way to Arcade

Way to Arcade

Viharin.com- Clear view

Clear view

Our room was on the top floor so that we could have the Taj view. Room was clean and had all the modern amenities but the carpet needed more attention.

Viharin.com- View of the Taj

View of the Taj

Viharin.com- The Taj from window

The Taj from window

The Taj was right across our window. It was a different experience. Kids were superexited and enjoyed as we had tea.

Viharin.com- Swimming pool

Swimming pool

We went downstairs with kids to play in the garden area besides swimming pool. It was a nice evening followed by buffet dinner in the resturant. Dinner was delicious with variety of dishes. The staff was attentive and up to the mark. They took special care of the kids. As we wanted to see sunrise by Taj, we got up early. It was a memorable experience to see Taj glowing in sunlight , from the window itself.

Viharin.com- Republic Day Ceremony at The Gateway

Republic Day Ceremony at The Gateway

As kids got up, we went downstairs and attented the Republic Day ceremony at the hotel. Members of staff and guests were present there. It was certainly a memorable experience. Good that we were thereon a special day.

Viharin.com- Guests and staff for the ceremony

Guests and staff for the ceremony

Post ceremony,we had our sumptuous breakfast in the hotel. It was a gala breakfast with mouth watering South Indian dishes, puri chole, desserts, egg items, bakery dishes and what not. Staff was very generous, kind and courteous towards kids.

The ambience of the hotel is outstanding. Food and service is great! The hotel also has various fun filled activities like magic show and puppet show on weekends.

Viharin.com- Staff at the ceremony

Staff at the ceremony

I would certainly recommend all to visit this place if one wants to enjoy view of Taj Mahal from the comforts of the room itself.

Nidhi K.M.

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