Viharin.com- Marine interpretation Center

Marine Interpretation Center

Viharin.com- Various marine species

Various marine species

Marine Interpretation Center at Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is a small museum on marine lives. There are only two Marine Interpretation Centers in India. The other one is in Tamil Nadu near Rameshwaram.

This center provides information of various species of Marine life. Colourful panels and displays augment the understanding of species which a normal visitor is not able to see in a day’s time.

This place is a must visit as it adds to knowledge of Marine Life. Students, scientists and researchers can definitely benefit from this museum.

Viharin.com- Corals and other marine life

Corals and other marine life

Viharin.com- Blue coloured coral

Blue coloured coral

Viharin.com- Display of flora and fauna under water

Display of flora and fauna under water

Viharin.com- Spectacular view

Spectacular view









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