This post is unique of all. It details an ongoing full dome planetarium program titled “Mars in Focus”, running at the Nehru Planetarium in Delhi.

This is a Mars retrospective program looking at the evolution of our understanding of Mars from naked eye and telescopic views onwards to the various space missions which studied Mars up close and personal. The program includes discussions and visuals related to the latest excitement in Martian directions – the Mars Orbiter and MAVEN missions. Program is being continously updated with latest Mars images released by ISRO. Some interesting orbital views related to the Mars Orbiter Mission are in the program.

A screen capture, low resolution version of the very last segment of this program is uploaded to Youtube at



However, one would have to be at the planetarium in Delhi, to view the entire program in high (4K) resolution, “Under the Stars”

Timings of ongoing show – Mars in focus : 11:30 AM and 3:00 PM everyday (Mondays closed)

Planetarium organised a fun filled Mars in Focus festival on the 23rd and 24th of September:


Note- the information is directly provided by authorities of esteemed Nehru Planetarium.

Viharin.com- Science model including Jantar Manta

Science model including Jantar Mantar


Viharin.com- Indian Astranaut Rakesh Sharma and his space shuttle abd space suit

Viharin.com- Indian Astranaut Rakesh Sharma’s space shuttle and space suit

P.S- I have fond memories of Nehru Planetarium from my childhood school visit to this place. Recently we visited this place with kids and their cousins as I believed they would love it. Indeed, it was a successful visit to Nehru Planetarium

This place is a must visit for kids and people who have interest in Astronomy. Nehru Planetarium hosts many working science models related to astronomy, Doppler effects, sound and light and many more.

Space shuttle and dress of astronaut Rakesh Sharma is a show stealer.

Address of Nehru Planetarium

Teen Murti Bhavan,
Teen Murti Mary area,
Phone- 91-011-23014504

Nidhi KM