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Beauty of trees

Preeti Thaker Arora is an amateur painter who loves to put expressions, beautiful nature and vivid aspects of life on canvas. I came across her interesting profile and knowing that she is an avid traveller, I wanted to interact with her. Eager to have a personal experience of seeing the world from the eyes of a painter, how do painters perceive a natural beauty and what they put on canvass, having all this in mind, I was excited to meet Preeti. Below is the snippet.

Interaction with genius painter Preeti Thaker Arora

Question: Preeti, what inspired you to start painting?

Cool summer evening

Cool summer evening

Preeti: Drawing was my love from the age of two. I used to pick up pens, pencils, crayons and would start scribbling anywhere and everywhere. I would draw on notepads, walls, drawers and what not! It used to be the reason of getting scolded mostly. As I grew up, I had to leave drawing and study due to pressure of studies. I worked in Corporates for a few years and began working in Malaysia. Since I was in solitude for so long in Malaysia, I used to cope up with it by painting the beauty of Malaysia and my emotions. That was the time, when I started with canvas again. After coming back to India, I got married and left the Corporate world to meet myself at canvas. Since then, I have been painting. Its been seven years. I do not paint for money, I do charity for old age homes, orphanages etc. I am an amateur painter.

Viharin.com-Colours of life

Colours of life

Question: Which types of paintings you love? Natural, or something different entices you?

Preeti: Scenic views, nature, cosmic art. Cosmic art is not very popular in India. Its a colourful painting with loads of colours that would go with any wall colour and upholstery. I get attracted to landscapes and florals.

Question: Do you travel to paint and why?

Preeti: I love to travel. I don’t plan travel to paint. When travelling, I try and ask local people about beautiful spots and visit them. I then capture those locations in my mind and camera. When I was in Mauritius, place called “seven colours of Earth” was a beautiful landscape which lured me to paint.

Viharin.com- Seven colours of land

Seven colours of land

Question: Do you face any challenges to travel to paint and how do you overcome those?

Preeti: Yes, I fall short of time to paint. I want to paint for hours but can’t due to short stays and swift shifts to different locations. I have to paint in isolation with nobody around. So, I capture those moments and return to them when painting back at home in India.Travel inspires me to paint more and more. It gives me strength and energy and lot of encouragement to paint natural beauty of Earth.

Question: Which all places you have travelled?

Preeti: Thailand, Dubai, US- Miami, San Fransisco,Hawaii, LA, NYC, Las Vegas, Mauritius, Malaysia- Berjaya, Singapore,Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Korea, Egypt, Sharjah. Next on my list is Europe and Australia.

Viharin.com- Autumn in Vermont

Autumn in Vermont

Question: Is there any place where you want to go again and again and capture those locations and moments on canvas?

Preeti: Yes, Miami, San Francisco and LA.

Question: How do you feel when you are not painting?

Preeti: Very restless, just want that extra work to finish so that I can return to paint. I feel the best while painting. Painting is my passion.

Question: What is your mood when you complete painting and when it is sold?

Preeti: I feel extremely happy to complete a painting and think “what next?”. Every creation of mine is from heart and I feel very sad when its sold but I also think, that it belongs to the society and should go to it. I wouldn’t paint anymore if it is not for helping less fortunate and underpriviledged people.

Viharin.com- Serene


Question: Which is your favourite painting?

Preeti: All are my favourites but one that won an International award of the best painting is a serene painting which has chain of houses near an Italian Landscape and mountains. On the other side of the lane there is a house that has two chairs where one can sit and enjoy the serene beauty.

Question: Which colours signify you the most?

Preeti: I relate to all bright colours like orange, yellow, hot pink, shades of peach and green. Orange and red are vibrant colours that provide high energy. If a place has these colours on walls, that place cannot have low energy around it.

Viharin.com- Summer noon

Summer noon

Question: Last question, what do you see when you close your eyes while painting?

Preeti: I imagine how the painting will look once it is complete. I feel very happy.

Photographs courtesy Preeti Thaker Arora

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