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Thamel Market

Thamel is a tourist hub of Kathmandu , capital of Nepal. Since decades, it has been a tourist paradise (starting from hippie movement).This lovely town is actually heart of Kathmandu and loved by all tourists.

It has many distinguishing features such as it is a first fully wi-fi zone of Nepal. Popular for it’s low and budget hotels, it serves as first stop over or pre base camp for most of the mountaineers in Nepal.

Viharin.com- Shops selling jackets and other winter clothing

Shops selling jackets and other winter clothing

It is approx 7 kms from Kathmandu International airport. Thamel has narrow labrynthine streets crowded by various shops and boasts of being a shopping paradise  as well. Numerous mountaineering gear shops, clubs , food and pasteries shops , walking gear , rainbow prayer flags , music shops and photography accessory shops line up the street.

The resturants are present all over and are apparently costly but definitely hygienic. They serve all kinds of foods with mostly continental themes.

Viharin.com- Hotels and restaurants in Thamel

Hotels and restaurants in Thamel

The place is mushrooming with numerous hotels and lodges all over. Although , as a part of my pre travel reserch I had planned to stay at Hotel Manang in Thamel , most of the revellers who are staying anywhere in Kathmandu do visit Thamel for shopping.

Viharin.com- Thamel Market

Thamel Market

Another lovely aspect is spending an evening at thamel. The narrow bylanes become a twinkling glowing area filled with coloured lights , paper lanterns and neon sign boards.The street comes alive by multiple live wire rooftop resturants offering panoramic view of the city lights. Multiple resturants offering all kinds of cuisines are scattered all over the place as travelers walk around.I actually liked the place due to its welcoming and tourist friendly nature.Intrestingly the place is also famous for its cozy ambience at dining places. This kind of atmosphere cannot be found anywhere else in Nepal for sure.

The place is open till late night, although we were told to be back by 11 pm.

Viharin.com- Rikshaw standing in the market

Rikshaw standing in the market

Viharon.com- H2O club

H2O club

The Rooftop view in the evening and morning was also outstanding.

The beauty of this place lies is in its tourist friendly colourful and beautiful mixture of these activities.

Several tourist destinations like Pashupatinath temple, Baudhanath temple, Durbar square , Swayambhunath and Samakushi are easily accessible.

I would certainly recommend this place to all whenever you are on a vacation to Kathmandu , Nepal.

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Viharin.com- Kathmandu Guest House

Kathmandu Guest House

Viharin.com- Various shops at Thamel

Various shops at Thamel

Viharin.com- View from the room at top floor

View from the room at top floor of hotel