After settling in hotel Heritage Khirasara Palace, we had to rush through 70 kms to reach Buddhist caves  Khambhalida in Rajkot.


On the way to Khambhalida caves

As we reached through lush green rocky area, we were delighted to feel freshness of the area.



Finally after a long drive, we reached our destination. Entering through the gate and getting downstairs did I realize the importance of education done in fresh and green areas where one can easily study or chant mantras with full concentration.


Rock caves Khambhalida

These caves were by the side of green rocky area which was more like forest.


Entrance to caves in Khambhalida caves

As I reached down stairs, I saw these room like caves where bats were living now.


Rooms in caves

I have been to three natural caves visiting which were an experience in itself. They were MahaGupteshwor Cave in Nepal, Batu Cermin Cave in Indonesia and cave of Lord Shiva in Shillong. Those caves were thrilling experience. But this cave is a man made cave carved in forms of rooms. There are dedicated sections for Gurus and Shishyas ( Students).


Beautiful and exotic location

Since it was almost darkness when we reached, my camera’s flashlights saved me. I took some photographs of caves.


Inside cave view

There were human carvings on walls of caves. I had read about all these things but was experiencing them for the first time.


Close view

Few people event went till the end corners of caves but I could not date to due to presence of bats.



Overall it was a lovely experience. A must visit for Historians and people looking out for Buddhist caves.

Disclaimer – Trip sponsored by Gujarat Tourism. Opinions are totally of the author and unbiased

Nidhi KM