With cricket fever in the country, cricket lovers want to just sit and relax and simply watch TV. During my childhood days during cricket season, one of my neighborhood aunt used to prepare all meals in the morning. Throughout the day, she would simply sit in front of TV with casserole and dishes in her TV room so she gwets to watch cricket uninterrupted. I really liked her concept. Today as I see the super busy generation, pizzas are a great option these days which can be ordered instantly. Dominos has come up with #EverydayValueOffer with variety of pizzas at just Rs.199. 

Why take Domino’s Everyday Value Offer !

I ordered Dominos Cheesey Corn Pizza and Paneer onion pizza. Pizza’s order reciever was well trained.  Pizzas got delivered on time. I appreciate the professionalism here. Pizzas were delicious. Both had toppings till the last byte. I loved each byte of it. My family relished it too. Base was crisp and pizzas were juicey and toppings were perfect. Spices in pizzas were appropriate. I didn’t actually bother about calories, instead indulged.

Viharin.com- Cheesey Corn Pizza from Dominos

Cheesey Corn Pizza

When Dominos says its family time of celebration, I agree. Kids don’t make faces for food instead they savour their meal. There is silence as we are busy enjoying mouthwatering slices of Pizzas.

Paneer Onion Cheese Pizza from Dominos

Paneer Onion Cheese Pizza from Domino’s

It was a value worth money. We had our meal in just Rs. 400 and that too without any spillage and jig bangs around. Its so convenient to have a pizza when you want to indulge. Its the direct food that you get which is delicious and fast to eat while being satiating.

Thank you Domino’s for the lovely experience. #JabDilBoleyDominos. Highly recommended!!

P.S- This is a sponsored post and views are unbiased. Opinion are of solely author’s.

Nidhi KM