Viharin.com- Scenic drive to Pokhara

Scenic drive to Pokhara

Viharin.com- Nature's beauty on the drive to Pokhara

Nature’s beauty on the drive to Pokhara

Drive to Pokhara was a memorable one. As we took higher heights and turns, we used to get an altogether different view. New mountains wwould suddenly appear and add to the beauty of the scene. The landscaping along with the river Marshyangdi flowing created a beautiful scene. At every turn of the road, a new mountain would appear to pleasantly surprise us with its majestic presence and strong contribution to the view. It was this unique charisma of this route which was a treat to our eyes and kept us captivated. This was also one of the reasons for me to write a separate post with beautiful photographs for the drive to Pokhara from Kathmandu.
If ever you get an opportunity to visit Pokhara, I would suggest to drive rather than flying.

Viharin.com- On the way

On the way

Viharin.com- Refreshing view

Refreshing view

Viharin.com- Beautiful view

Beautiful view

Viharin.com- Tents by the river

Tents by the river

Viharin.com- River and mountains creating a scenic view

River and mountains creating a scenic view

Viharin.com- Nature's creativity

Nature’s creativity

Viharin.com- Beautiful