Our experience of Festival Gharana-e-Rampur @ Asia Alive , Double Tree by Hilton, Gurgaon

I had gone to Asia Alive, Hilton Double Tree, Gurgaon to experience the festival РGharana Рe РRampur with my father.

The festival was curated by Osama Jalali and Nazia Begum.

The hospitality by Hilton Double Tree began right from my doorstep. We were taken in a comfortable cool cab which was driven by a courteous […]

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Travelling to India? Take care of 15 things

Here are 15 things to take care while travelling to India

Plan atleast 3 months in advance
Consult your doctor to ensure you get timely  vaccinations required
Choose a good travel agency or Company. They can actually make your trip successful if they take care of nitty gritty things
Since India is so rich in cultural diversity, plan to […]

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