Top 11 things to do in Hill Stations

Think of Hill stations , think of greenery, mountains, fresh air, cool breeze and high spirited people all around! While I am both a beach and hills lover, I try and enjoy every moment I am there. The time being limited, I want to make the most of my trip to a hill station. My […]

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Six Reasons to Visit Slovenia, a Gem of Europe

This guest post is written by Frank Lee, he works at Rebateszone
Slovenia is a mountainous republic in central Europe which used to be a part of Yugoslavia before 1991. The country has been blessed with some of the most exquisite views on the planet by nature, however, it is still a relatively unknown country for […]

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9 interesting things to enjoy in the little hill station Chail, India

Chail is a beautiful tourist spot. Located in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, this hill station is a must visit at least once. Beautiful scenic and refreshing air enchants senses!

Our experience
We boarded the train from Delhi till Kalka at 7am and reached Kalka in few hours. It took just two and a half hour s […]

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