Think of Hill stations , think of greenery, mountains, fresh air, cool breeze and high spirited people all around! While I am both a beach and hills lover, I try and enjoy every moment I am there. The time being limited, I want to make the most of my trip to a hill station. My journey as a traveller from my childhood till now has been very interesting specially when I see my kids doing certain things the same way I used to do. I strongly feel there are certain things to do in hill stations irrespective of age. So that you enjoy the weather and surroundings nicely, do those activities. I have collated these things by listening to young people , kids and even senior citizens. In case you feel something do be added, do provide comments.

Things to do in Hill Stations

Valley view in Shimla

Top 11 things to do in Hill Stations

  1. Take a room facing either a valley view or hills if you are a nature lover. This will always keep you fresh even if you are relaxing in the room and will keep providing the feeling of Bering at a hill station
  2. Walk in fresh air because there is greenery everywhere and no pollution. Also by walking up slopes, heart rate increases that promotes better circulation of blood.
  3. Take sunlight to the maximum as it provides vitamin D while keeping you warm which you can’t do generally in busy cities.
  4. Visit the mall road or main market and play road side games like rings and balloon shots as it teases your mind and you feel better and energetic.
  5. Have ice cream while walking. The cold weather doesn’t let the ice cream melt and you get to enjoy it as it should be.
  6. Have soup /coffee / tea while walking down roads as it gives you warmth and you would get a difference feel if the weather
  7. Having corns and sweetcorns gives a fantastic feeling while you see nature’s beauty while walking and savouring hot corns
  8. Chicken and mutton are must eats when in hills because a.) it provides warmth b.) All calories you consume would be taken care of in walking
  9. Horse riding is a must at hill stations. The horse takes you to good big rounds and sometimes through the route that you would have never taken otherwise.
  10. Dont miss top famous sight seeing points. If you are familiar with the hill station, walk down unexplored roads and you will love it.
  11. Walk extremely carefully on hills to avoid any accidents.

Nidhi KM


Guna caves in Kodai Kanal

Guna caves in Kodai Kanal