River rafting is a great sport! Adventure lovers do river rafting for adrenaline rush. River rafting can be conveniently done till grade 3. Post grade 3 it becomes a bit tricky. There are certain rules that everyone needs to follow for river rafting to enjoy it to the maximum while ensuring safety.

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I am writing few do’s and dont’s of river rafting that might help you to some extent. Feel free to add more points to it if you have experienced something different and that should be shared with

Do’s and Don’ts of River Rafting

1. Wear shorts or capris for river rafting along with a t-shirt. Prefer to wear dark colours so that they don’t get transparent when wet

2. Wear floater sandals as they are the best in providing strong grip to feet along with protection from thorns and little sticks as they have a good spread around feet

3. Listen to the instructions of guide before boarding a raft.

4. The raft driver has got a dry bag. Keep your valuables in the dry bag.

5. Prefer not to carry valuables along with you specially cameras, watches , mobiles etc

6. Don’t wear lenses. Wear specs as they provide rubber bands to tie specs around ears. Also, if you want to wear lenses, try and wear swimming goggles along with them. Else, lenses will sweep out of eyes in the splash of water either by the rapid or under the waterfall if you come across

7. As we start off with the journey, we get engrossed in river and surroundings and the raft and hence tend to not listen to the guide

8. It is very important to hold the rope with a strong grip when not rowing the boat during rapids. Else, you may fall

9. If you fall, don’t panic. You will not drown as you are wearing a life jacket. Just let yourself loose and your body will come up on the surface of water automatically.

10. It doesn’t matter whether you know swimming or not. Don’t try to swim if you fall in the river. Only let yourself loose. Some nearby raft will surely pick you up and you will be saved

11. After you get on the raft that secured you, relax for a while and calm down

12. Take a set of clothes to change after rafting.  Drink a hot beverage after rafting. It will make you feel comfortable

13. Allow your body to take its own time to get back to your energetic self as you might feel tired after rafting. Don’t worry, it’s normal if you get tired. You will bounce back fast

Happy rafting!!

Nidhi KM

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