Travel has been the basics of life of human beings! Travel brings its own positives in people’s lives. If I don’t travel for a certain time, I feel itchy. Travel is in my blood and its really tough to separate it from me. All the time that I am not travelling, either I am making my travel plans or picking up destinations for future travels. Travel has lots of benefits out if which health is a major one. Travelling improves health in many ways

Top 7 health benefits of travelling around 

1. It brings lots of positivity as the brain functions in a different way from monotonous schedules. So, if someone is suffering from depression, (s)he should travel. It is the most magical treatment. Many doctors prescribe to travel to improve the mental health

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2. Travel keeps your digestion fit as you keep eating and walking or exerting physically

3. It boosts up blood circulation and maintains heart rate due to continuous exertion because is sightseeing or participating in activities

4. It gives you vitamin D as you are out most of the day with nature under the sun.

5. It exposes you to different environment hence different bacteria which makes you stronger and increases immunity.

6. Since travel keeps you away from stress of daily routine and also difficult situations, so it brings back the zeal. It reduces chances of heart attacks and other heart diseases

7. There are different foods, air and water bodies in different parts of the world that have got some properties that either improves your skin or digestive system or even body aches.

So, peoplke keep travelling to stay healthy and positive in life! This health and positivity gives a lot if strength to fight toughest situations in life!

Nidhi KM