Dubai is a much sorted after destination by Indians owing to its diverse landscapes, shopping, food, malls , entertainment and

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One can easily say that Dubai is a family destination. It is very safe for women travellers. I too plan to visit Dubai soon and
hence was looking at some tips to travel.

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What I have been able to know is below which may help you too.


Travel Tips to Dubai

1. Visit between October and April.

2. One must book air tickets in advance to avail best deals. Advance can be as advance as six months prior.

3. Hotel bookings are done well before time to ensure you get the perfect value for money for your accommodation


4. Once you are there, dress up well. Don’t wear hugging and tight or revealing clothes as people there are conservative

5. Don’t do public display of affection. Refrain from even holding hands. It might not be well taken

6. Do not offer to shake hands with women. It’s not accepted well. A simple smile or nod is sufficient to wish

7. During Ramadan it may pose a challenge as you can’t eat during the day time in public

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Nidhi KM