Luwak faeces contain better quality coffee

I didn’t know that an animal faeces can augment the quality of coffee. Can you imagine? I was surprised to know that. This animal Luwak, Asian name of Civet eats coffee cherries. The pulp is digested by Luwak and coffee beans get fermented inside this animal and their properties are enhanced as some enzymes seep […]

A must visit – Bali Safari Marine Park, Bali, Indonesia

I was curious to experience the wildlife in Bali. I wanted to see how the animals are being kept and how they are enjoying their life in Bali. We left in the morning for Bali Safari Marine Park. It was a lush green area.

We headed for the Tiger show.

There was a performance by two gunmen […]

Witness the association of Hindu legends with that of Bali at Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali

Last time when I had visited Bali I saw many similarities between Indian and Bali Hindu culture. I was fascinated by the same as I had never thought that there would be so many commonalities. My curiosity last time was not settled and this time we went to see Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Ungasan Badung […]