Couldn’t get enough of enthralling Rhine Falls in Switzerland

Since the time we were in Switzerland, we kept doing one or the other gripping sightseeing destinations. Even views of the countryside and important towns were such that we were totally hooked to the window of our bus all the time. We visited Rhine Falls in Zurich, Switzerland.

Rhine Falls is the largest water falls of […]

Experience at The Top of Europe, Jungfrau in Switzerland

We had been planning for Jungfrau, Top of Europe since two three months. We really wanted to visit. But owing to its height, travel time and the cold, we were a bit skeptical about it. But, but… all our apprehensions vanished once we reached there after only mere two hours journey.

We were left awestruck when […]

Hypnotic views on the way to Jungfraujoch, The Top of Europe in Switzerland!

I was so excited to visit Switzerland. Since it’s called as the heaven on earth, I had always imagined myself being there and enjoying its natural beauty! We had planned to visit Jungfraujoch.

When I came to know about Jungfraujoch which is the top of Europe, is in Switzerland, I was excited to witness it […]