Our experience at Jungfrau, Switzerland


About Jungfrau
Jungfrau, is one of the most heard name when you plan to visit Switzerland. Jungfrau is popularly known as ‘Top of Europe’.

Jungfrau is a full fledged campus in itself. A lot is said about Jungfrau, its railways system, its observatory, cavern.

Its railways is known for generating electricity while going downhill since 1912. There is […]

One day trip to Mt. Titlis, the most awaited in Switzerland

Almost everyone in India has seen the movie- Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge, popularly known as DDLJ. Major part of the movie was shot in Switzerland. The scenic beauty of the place was well captured.

I had been dreaming to visit Switzerland since last 10 years. But the plan finally materialized in June, 2018. Phew! Wait was […]

Photographs of Lake Zurich and surrounding area in Switzerland

There are so many things to do in Switzerland. One of the famous points is Lake Zurich.

I didn’t know that the lake is so beautiful. It’s water is clear blue and pure.

It feeds Zurich. When we reached, we saw beautiful boats in the lake.

There were ducks.

This post mainly provides photographs of the lake and surrounding […]