Wildlife has been as interesting as ever. More and more people are becoming wildlife enthusiasts these days. There is always a first time for any wildlife enthusiast. So, we have tried our best to put forth few dog’s and dont’s while visiting a wildlife sanctuary.

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Do’s and dont’s when in wildlife sanctuaries

Do’s in Wildlife Sanctuaries

1. Take permit to visit wildlife sanctuaries as per the prescribed time

2. Take a guide with you

3. Take your water bottle and snacks of your own as there are no joints available in wildlife sanctuaries

4. Carry goggles, caps, torch, stole, shawl or small blankets if travelling with kids and be well layered in winters and fully covered in summers to avoid sun burns

5. Drive as per the prescribed speed

6. Give way to animals as they have first rights on routes

7. Follow only routes provided by forest authorities

8. Leave the park before sunset

9. Put your phones on mute

10. Strictly follow guidelines by the forest authorities

Dont’s in Wildlife Sanctuaries

1. Never wear vibrant colours to the forest as it may disturb animals and they may take it as offnsive leading to attack

2. Never confront animals and look n their eyes as they may accept it as a  challenge and attack

3. Don’t feed animals or birds in forest

4. Don’t drive in marshes as you may get stuck there for hours

5. Never get down from the safari and walk on foot

6. Don’t make noise or honk in forest

7. Don’t carry pets, audio equipments or music or music a instruments in jungles

8. Don’t litter in the forest

9. Don’t try to cook or kindle fire in forests